In flight I had HIC A (Warning light line A) turning on. After a short while HIC B also turned on (both constant light).

I get the following message from Rotax technician from Rotax Poland:

 Engine checked.There is only one type of fault: magnetos.This problem is common with the Rotax engine but there is no solution yet from Rotax.There will probably be a service bulletin in the future”

Now he wants me to ignore the failure and continue flight. No need to say it is absurd, but where do I go from here? Is the aircraft grounded until a solution is found (!)

The engine is about a year and has around  100 hours  

  • Re: 915is - Acceptable abnormal operation

    by » 2 years ago

    I have a similar situation on my Sling TSI which has a 915 engine with just over 160 hours. With no specific pattern, sometimes the Lane A or Lane B light comes on. I reset the Lane and the problem goes away. It’s most unsettling and there appears to be no solution. I’m not sure whether I should ground the plane until a permanent solution is found? Any feedback would be appreciated. 

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