• Re: WTB, looking for 912 BUDS level II

    by » 4 months ago

    Hi Eric,

    I am not (yet) sure that I would be smart to get a level 1 as I am not an owner (yet) rather I am an A&P / iRMT offering 9 Series services to the local flying community. I don't know enough about the advanced capabilities of level 2, or even level 3.


    I posted a WTB similar to this one on EAA buy/sell forum and was very happy to be offered a Level 3 for $1000. Unfortunately that deal fell through....

    I can't wrap my 60 year old brain around how to PM on this forum. Can you reach out to me PM (or public) and we can discuss price and availability. 

    Are you by any chance going to Sun n Fun next week in Lakeland, Florida?

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