• Re: Leading edge airfoils is sold

    by » 6 weeks ago

    Tom Meyer wrote:

    My experience with Advanced Powerplant Solutions so far is... terrible.

    Placed an order with them for a 914 oil temperature sender on May 2, with 2-day freight.

    Never showed up... on May 9 I finally got through to a real person over there and they promised to send it out immediately on 2-day freight.

    May 13, still not here. 

    No one is responding to phone messages. No one is responding to e-mail.

    But... they did charge my credit card, so that's something!

    Never again.

    Hi Tom,

    Per their website and fb page, they are delayed.  I'm sure the part will show up, soon.  As I know 90% of their staff personally, I will be happy to air your grievances.  They are moving and organizing over 3000 part numbers, so a little patience will go a long way.  When setting up a new business in a hurry, there are huge stresses involved.  Shipping out orders always takes absolute top priority in any business, so imagine the stress they were experiencing letting down a customer.  I spoke with the DOP last night as a local gas station and the plan is to have full time staff back on the phone by May 20th.   

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