Having carried out some modifications to the panel on my 582 Rans S6es i refitted the rotax fuel pressure gauge, its reading 4 to 4.5 but the needle is very unsteady, before i repositioned the gauge it was allways rock steady, does the pipe need bleeding? any help appreciated,
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    Hi Ian,

    If air is introduced into a fluid line that reads pressure and has no way of escaping it can affect your readings. It is even more noticeable with low pressure. Bleeding the line is the right thing to do, but there is no way of knowing yet if it will fix your particular problem.

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    Hello from Demetri,,,,try the bleeding method ,,,if this doesn't work maybe there is a vibration to the new position you install the gauge and you cannot notice it but the instrument does.The needle fluctuation and unsteady readings mostly is caused due vibration than bubbles in :the fuel line or trapped air. :woohoo:

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