This is really perplexing..got a 2008 CTLS with 425 hours..

Put in the new recommended fuel pump that came with new fuel lines; put in a new pressure sensor. pressure went to 1.5psi, from what was already low at 2.7-2.8psi ( just brought it to Honolulu from mainland, then flew it to Kona ).

checked fuel flow from the new fuel pump--strong. checked fuel flow from the gravity feed backup line running from the gascolator--strong. verified that the new fuel press sensor was good.....fuel pressure now below 1.3psi. Did not vary with rpms. But, engine runs just great, and apparently is getting plenty of fuel at all rpms, with no hesitation whatsoever throttling up or back to idle....???

checked all connections to the fuel block. and lines at entry point--no blockages found. cleaned connections.

Finally, after some hours, when nobody could figure anything out, one of the A&Ps "pinched" off the gravity feed ( line which is on the top of the fuel distribution block ), and "wallah", the fuel pressure at idle went immediately to 5.3psi--a good reading. We repeated this, same result, but nobody understood why??

So, what is going on? is there a check valve in the gravity feed line?

PS While there is no rotax mechanic per se, and this is the first CTLS anyone has seen up close in Kona, some really good A& Ps / I's have piled out of the Kona hangers trouble shooting down to this point, and we have stopped at this point awaiting an answer from someone out there.

I simply do not want to fly until we figure this out.

Any ideas appreciated !!

Kona, Hawaii
  • Re: Low oil Press on Dynon 120

    by » 11 years ago

    Hi Scott,

    I also have an FD CT. I beleive you are talking about the fuel re-circulation line that goes back to the gascolator. This sure sounds like the
    restrictor is not in place in the re-circulation line. You will have to pull the hose off the back off that fitting to see the restrictor that FD should have put in place. It should be .035
    I sounds like you just have an open re-circulation line there with no restrictor. It could be possible it came out and floated back towards the gascolator. It might need to have that hose pulled completely off if no restrictor is found up on top.

    Roger Lee
    LSRM-A & Rotax Instructor & Rotax IRC
    Tucson, AZ Ryan Airfield (KRYN)
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