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    Hi Carlos,

    I take it your voltage is good between 13.8-14.2?
    Usually an incomplete or partial ground (poor earth wire) will make the gauge pressure go down as throttle is applied and back up as the throttle is reduced (it changes the resistance), a complete loss of a ground usually has the gauge peg on the high end. The article mentioned an obstruction and that's why I mentioned looking for a reduced radius oil hose that is impeding the flow of oil. You could easily have two different issues here or a single problem. I would go back to NGK as printed in the manual if they are available to you. When someone tells me one plug is better than the next it is just unsubstantiated fact. Unless you could put several through a series of real test it is no more than hearsay. I'm not saying Denso is a bad plug, but it isn't what Rotax calls for.

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