I have a high wing Tecnam without a electric fuel pump. If the Rotax mechanical pump fails would the gravity feed be sufficient to run the engine? Knowing the problems with the Rotax mechanical pump should I fit an electric pump? I'm realy keen to get your input so thanks. Trevor Doig, New Zealand
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    While we were building our Highlander, a high wing taildragger, we checked to see what the fuel flow through the fuel pump to the carbs would be. We leveled the airframe, full fuel both tanks, and flowed 10 gallons of gas out of the fuel line up to where it is split for dual carbs. We got 5 gallons per hour. i.e. It took two hours for 10 gallons.


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    Hi Trevor,

    If the pump fails it fails open. On a high wing fuel will still flow although you may not get to cruise at high rpm you should be able to fly at lowered rpms and land safe. The mechanical fuel pumps usually just don't flop over and die. :dry: They usually start leaking or the pressure slowly starts to drop. I have a few thousand hours on Rotax 912's and I never worry about it and I fly all over and over all terrain.

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