I have decided to fit an electric auxillary fuel pump to my high wing Tecnam. 80HP Rotax. I have looked at the Facett pumps available but are unsure which one to use. Can anyone help me with a Facett part number. Thanks. Trevor Doig, New Zealand.
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    Hi Trevor,

    I recently installed a Facet 40105 electric fuel pump as a backup to the Mikuni pulse pump on my 503 equipped Challenger II. I have installed the pumps in parallel and the ground test runs worked fine. I use the Facet to fill the card bowls before attempting to start the engine. With only the Mikuni pump running, I get between 2.5 and 3 PSI at the carbs, depending on RPM. Switching on the electric fuel pump boosts the pressure up by about 0.5 PSI.

    Pump model: Facet 40105
    see website for specs: http://www.aircraftspruce.ca/catalog/eppages/facetpumps.php

    Fly safely.


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    I installed a facet in series with my mechanical fuel pump years ago and it works great. They make the cube pumps in two or three psi ranges. just get one compatible with the carbs on your engine. Anywhere between 2.5 to 3.5 psi should be fine. Just about all automotive stores ( Autozone, Advance Auto, etc.) sell facet and it is the same pump you get from the aviation suppliers. You might check Napa also, They have a large selection of pumps with different pressure and volume ratings. On my 912 I use a Napa pump which is the same pressure with a little higher volume. Physically, it's only a little larger and its round rather than cube shaped.


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