My first post here since I'm a new Rotax 914 owner!

And I can't believe my (bad) luck so far.

Firstly it turned out I need a new block and overhaul kit for my engine. And after waiting the required twelve weeks for the kit from Rotax, they send my an overhaul kit containing the 'faulty' sodium filled valves :(
The bulletin literally came out on the day I received the overhaul kit.

At first the mandatory ASB required all of these valves to be replaced by the previous solid valves, but I see now they softened their stance on the 914 engine:

[quote]Revision 1 (06-Dec-2018) of this ASB states that only 914 (Series) engines may optionally elect to replace the affected valves with Solid exhaust valves P/N 854111.
All 915 (series) engines must replace affected valves with new sodium exhaust valves P/N 854114.[/quote]

Now my question is why does the valves need to be replaced in the 915 engine but not the 914 engine? I thought the engines are relatively similar at a basic level? If I install these sodium filled valves in my 914 I will always have some unease knowing that just perhaps these valves will let go at some point :ohmy:

p.s. I posted in the general section as the topic spans both the 914 and 915 engine.
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