• Re: Problem after Fuel line change

    by » 11 months ago

       Another question guys, I was getting prepared to remove the carb to send off for cleaning.  Before I tried to remove it, I removed the bowl to check it and sprayed some cleaner in the jet.

       It didn’t solve anything, seemed a little better, but when I let off the choke the left side EGT still drops to almost nothing with the rough running.  CHT is still the same.  

       I was looking at the manual for removal and noticed that the spring arm on the choke shaft seems to be upside down. I looked at all the pics I could find and the other side, and it looks wrong.

      At first, I hoped I had found the problem, but when the mechanic test ran it and synced the carbs, before I changed the fuel line, it was running OK.????? 

    First, am I correct that it’s upside down? Second, could this be the problem, or still probably trash?  Thanks Again.

    24542_2_2974327F-6952-4E39-8E72-CD544B642686.jpeg (You do not have access to download this file.)
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