Rotax 916

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hello everybody

as i was looking in Flyrotax website for Rotax manual

i was surprised with Rotax 916 operator manual

but there isnt any information  of this engine.

if anybody has information about this engine share with us

thank you 


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    by » 3 months ago

    admin can explain,

    for us ....

    its (916 Only available on request)😷🙋

    Rotax is about ready to roll out its new 916 engine and it will soon be available in uncertified form as a powerplant choice for Experimental ...

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    by » one month ago

    ROTAX factory makes many different custom engines that are rebranded for OEMs. This one is a private order item for a government agency - it is not available to the public, and not expected to be made available to the public in the future. As you were! 😀

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    by » one month ago

    Probably just a modified 912 or 915 for a different mission like more customizable ECU or different displacement or reduction ratio or something. I doubt Rotax would improve on their engines and not release it to the public which is why it's probably just for a different (more custom) mission that would be of no use to us.

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