is there a fly by wire kit for rotax 912, i want to contol my engine with a pixhawk and looking for ways to do it, any ideas on that plz !

Any suggetion is apprichiated.

thank you.

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    The engine if equipped with fixed pitch only has one input, throttle.  You need to monitor a lot of items but other than throttle there is nothing else.  if you controler has a position for a servo controller then it should be easy.  if you need telemitry to read all the engine parameters then using the 912iS or 915iS injected versions would be nice as you have a CAN BUS readout coming from the engine that would give you all the data, you will still need to have a servo for the throttle control.  There are a number of drone applications that have full aircraft/engine controls.  You need to be able to get read outs of all the engine critical bits while it flies.  

    I have not seen anyone make a ready to fly controler for the Rotax engines however.  There are many drone parts suppliers that are on the market and for sure someone makes something. 

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    by » 4 weeks ago

    thanks you ! that allready a big help!

    im using rotax 912 iS 2

    what i want to do is; to move my throttle lever with a servo motor yet i dont have the rotax engine yet so i m not sure if i need a powerful servo  or is th lever easy to move .

    Any ideas about a servo motor i can use and a servo controller ?

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    That is a good question.  the best bet would be to find the servo specs and then measure the resistance of the cable return spring.  Given it will be unmanned you might consider even removal of the spring so there is no resistance at all.  Be aware that under normal practice the throttle body inlet is sprung to full open in the event of a cable failure as it comes from Rotax.  (aviation requirement)  I do not believe there is any such requirement for drones however that would be a question for the ASTM F38 standards people to answer.  they might be a good source of any such information.

    www.ASTM.org and search for committee F38  


    Good luck

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