Hello Michael.
Please I ask you for help or some idea to solve this problem:
I have changed the oil circuit pipes, I have bought them at an official Aviasport dealer in Spain, I have also changed the oil I always use Aeroshell Sport Plus 4, I have also changed the oil filter bought at Aviasport.
I perform the purge according to the Rotax Bulletin, I start the engine and I have cold 5 Bar and hot 4 Bar, OAT 18 degrees Celsius, when normal for me when hot is 3Bar.
I place a mechanical pressure gauge in the port of the Governor, the results are 0.5 Bar more in each situation.
I tried uninstalling the new oil filter and putting in the old one. The results were the same.
Try installing a new oil pressure regulator with its three components valve pressure, spring and screw. The results were the same.
I tried removing my oil thermostat and testing the circuit without it. The results were the same.
I dared to do a test in flight, in hot and cruising 4 Bar, when before it had 3 Bar, in idle and in descent it drops to 3 Bar, but as soon as the oil cools it returns to 4 Bar, when before in descent it always maintained 2 , 5 Bar. Coolant parameters and normal oil temperature.
Thanks for your attention.
Alejandro Zapata
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