I have an older (2005 w/350 hours) style 912 case and do not enjoy the comfort of the "Soft Start".  I worry about the history of damage that can occur over time.  I try to be gentle but I do worry!  Any helpful hints that may give me some comfort that I am not in "self Destruct" mode...?



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    There are thousands of engines like yours without any issues. Biggest thing is just do the prescribed maint. when you're supposed to and don't sit and idle at too low an rpm. Good maint. is key to longevity. 

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    You are not in self-destruct mode, but if it makes you feel you are at least doing  Something, Anything .....

    The "B" module fires 4 degrees after the "A" module.
    So you can think of it a being the Lesser Advanced (Softer) evil.

    Try this if it makes you feel better.
    If you have the Option** ...
    Crank the starter with BOTH ignitions OFF.
    After about 2 propeller revolutions or you hear half a dozen or so cylinder compressions go by and the engine is cranking as fast as it is ever going to go...
    Turn ON the "B" Ignition.
    It should start instantly with a motor that already has a lot of forward momentum built up.
    Once running, energize the "A" Side.

    If you really overdo it, you might get a BANG out of the exhaust from the unburnt fuel in the muffler.
    It might scare the neighbors but will do no real harm.

    ** If you have an OFF-A-B-BOTH-START Key Switch, then you are S.O.L.  (Shucks, Out of Luck!)

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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