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I was offered from the Czech Republic an engine 912 UL with serial number 4411088. Before I leave Munich for the Czech Republic, I would like to know more details about the engine. Does this serial number already have the new crankcase? Thanks for support!

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    by » 5 months ago

    4411088 was produced 02-Sep-2015

    Engine Type: ROTAX 912 A

    Engine Version: 912 A3-01

    Model Number: 309120022

    Original Factory Configuration:

    without fuel lines

    A3 I=2,27

    without governor, with cover

    with mech. tachometer pick up

    without external generator

    without engine truss

    without air box

    with air guide baffle

    with std. temperatur sensors

    with nipple conn. for oil pump

    with expansion tank

    starter standard

    Thank you said by: Jochen Koehnlechner

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