I don't have much experience with E=Props, but they seem to be the new rage. I've seen nothing, but happy owners that have switched to them. If you have an E-Prop how do you like it?


"What a difference. My vibration issues are gone. Picked up about 2-300 rpm on climb out, turning 5100 rpm. WOT level flight was 125 knots at 5300 rpm. ( took a while to creep up to that)Picked up 5 knots. So still over pitched a tad. Would you guys worry about 200 rpm?  I don’t want to lug the engine. 
Engine starts and shuts down smoother too as others have mentioned. Old prop was 32 lbs. this one 14. 
I am very pleased. "

Roger Lee
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Tucson, AZ Ryan Airfield (KRYN)
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    by » 5 days ago

    Hi Roger,

    They are an amazing prop, friend of mine recently fitted one, gained 9kt improvement in top speed, no loss in climb rate, balance out of the box was excellent. The quality is extremely good. When removing so much at that arm, weight and balance must be considered.

    They are very light weight compared to most on the market, They have a really great website that makes options available and you can configure, number of blades, hub spacer and spinner diameter. I am currently running a Kiev 263, and whilst very happy with it when it is due for replacement I will be going for an e-prop. They do a constant speed unit, however not seen one in person yet.





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