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Tuesday, 29 May 2018 10:06


The European Union GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is here. We have thousands of members in the EU, so we have made some updates to ROTAX-OWNER.COM privacy and data protection policies.

IMPORTANT: As of May 25th, we have removed all existing EU Members from the Rotax-Owner Service Bulletin Mailing list. The GDPR requires us to have you re-confirm your explicit consent to send you emails. On 23-May-2018 we sent all EU members a link to read our updated Privacy Policy, and a special Consent link you can click to allow us to return you  to the Rotax-Owner bulletin mailing list. If you haven't received your Consent link and reactivated on the mailing list, please contact us ASAP! (Note: If you signed up for a membership after 25-May-2018, there is no need to contact us, as our system now records your express consent during the signup process.)

NOTE: Rotax-Owner.com (like most other websites) uses cookies for site functionality. The GDPR requires us to have you provide us your explicit consent to give your web browser cookies. A cookie notice now appears at the bottom of our site pages, allowing you to change your cookie preferences at any time. We do not use site cookies for any advertising / marketing / tracking function! Their only use is to keep you properly logged in across the various sections of our site. Please be aware that disabling Rotax-Owner site cookies will break site functionality. (Please keep them enabled.)

It is increasingly important to make sure your email system is actually receiving the messages you want
Due to the exponential growth of 'SPAM' around the globe, mail systems world-wide have been struggling to keep up!

When you first signed up to ROTAX-OWNER, we verified your email address by emailing you an activation link to click on. ( If you don't get that email and click on the link inside, you will not be able to log in to the site!)  That is all well and good, to start. But over time, your email address may have changed, or your email provider may have messed up their spam settings, blocking our emails to you...

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