Just thought I would post this bit of info in case anyone else has come across this problem with the FlyDat instrument. A friend of mine has one in his 912ULS powered REMOS. Some months back it started playing up reporting a 06 error at startup (first start of the day) but would be ok on repeat startups later on. It would not read his senders (pressure & temp, rpm) for a few minutes whist displaying the error message. We enquired as to what a 06 error was and were told it was an internal memory issue and he would likely need a replacement FlyDat. The fact that it only occurred after the engine had not been run for days got me interested. We took the cover off and as suspected found an internal button battery similar to what your PC uses to keep time stored when unplugged. The battery was flat (no pun intended). We replaced it and no surprise it has been fine ever since. So don't be tempted to throw away that FlyDat when it displays some error message you can't decipher, check the battery first and save yourself some serious coin!
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    I didn't know.
    Good info.


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