• Re: rotax 447 engine failure

    by » 12 years ago

    Sorry to hear you have given up on the 447 Tim...with a methodical approach you should have been able to sort it,

    They are normally a very simple reliable little motor....dont let this one put you off...its prob something quite minor and simple...but these things can test peoples patience,

    Anyway good luck with you next engine.

    Nick in the UK.

  • Re: rotax 447 engine failure

    by » 11 years ago

    unbelievable,All that time it was something very simple..The bloody fuel filter!!!!!!!!!
    I had replaced it a number of times with the original filter and turns out the original filter was Wrong!!!!!was a car paper type filter that trapped the 2st oil and after only an hr or 2 it would become oil logged not allowing fuel threw.I replaced with a 2 stroke motorbike filter and ran like a dream...Since have sold and now own a Australian LightWing GR 582 (ROTAX 582 bluetop..

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