My Rotax 912 is installed in a motor glider(Ximango) and aerodynamic considerations don't always co-incide with Rotax best practice. I have discovered, over the last 7 years of operation, that leaving plugs gapped to the wider gap set by the plug manufacturere gives me a smooth running engine that is easy to start and idle. In the Ximango installation, intake air is drawn from around the engine rather that direct cold outside. This doesn't explain, though, when starting a cold engine I have more trouble with the gap specified by Ximango, or is this a direct result of living in a coastal tropical climate with high humidity. (I think I have just answered my own question) Your learned observations will be appreciated. Paul H.
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    Hi Paul,

    If you are having a starting problem and think it is related to plug gap then try this little experiment. Reduce the gap to .025" and try it. It may work better. I have a Ximango motor glider here in Tucson that I work on.

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