• Re: Marvel Schebler float to replace Bing floats

    by » 3 months ago

    For the record the newest Marvel Schebler Rotax replacement floats are well under the 7 grams per pair limit now. Last I heard they were 2.9 grams each. They have been redesigned and are a slightly differnt shape than the OEM Rotax/Bing floats.They were heavier at first because they are made from a differnt material than the Rotax/Bing float is made from. Sort of like a making two identical floats, one from plastic and one from lead, one will be heavier than the other. 😀 I know Rotax does not recommend using anything other than Rotax parts but I just wanted to pass this info along to those who may be interested. The Marvel Schebler part number is MS80-430. 

  • Re: Marvel Schebler float to replace Bing floats

    by » 6 weeks ago

    I am tired of Rotax instructing us to change to the new better floats that won't sink....but they do.

    Has anybody tried swapping floats every 3 months?

    I have found that it takes about a year for the floats to absorb enough fuel to sink. It also takes 90 days to dry out back to the original weight. They don't seem to absorb fuel any faster as they are reused.

    Seems to work.


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