Hello to all.

About a One & 1/2 years ago....I took over maint for a pilot friend of his lowtime 912 ULS

(...who up until that time had some local Yahoo working on it...to great detriment as you'll shortly discover).

During my very first inspection of the engine and the due regular service of the plugs I noticed that one spark plug in particular was very very wobbly (it was clearly over tightened at some point in the past) discovering this I informed him that the last guy nearly stripped it right out...but of course at that point we really had no choice but to continue to use it as is (...for as long as it would hold I told him).

Well...today during startup...the inevitable finally occured...blew the plug right out with a bang..!

(...luckly...still hanging in the plug wire...shut it down immediately).

My question: is there any possibility for a repair of this...?



Any insights would be very helpful.

Thank you...Mike

(FYI: I don't post here often...and tend to read posts here...but my background is that I received my 3 cert'ed training courses from Dean Vogel at Lockwood back in 2010...but have since allowed those to lapse since I now reside outside the US).

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