I own a new 912UL that has never been run, that is the good news.

The bad news is it also has never had any service bulletins complied with.  I acquired an unfinished homebuilt project and am approaching the engine install stage. 

my concern is first of all, safety so I need a list of all service bulletins for the engine.  Reading the forum, I understand I can get the manufacture date here, by posting the Serial # which is 4152270. I think once I have this information I can get a list of service bulletins applicable to this manufacture date and going forward to date. Is this correct?

The next question I would like to pose to the forum members is this:  

Might it make sense to have the engine converted to the 100HP version, and in so doing, comply with many of the outstanding SB issues?

If this is a reasonable consideration, and would that also perhaps comply with the improvements needed to increase the TBO  time, which I think I will learn was 600 hrs. on this engine, to the 1500 hr TBO of later model 912UL models? 

I actually know very little, and am just starting my journey into the 912 experience, which is why I joined this organization.  I look forward to the thoughts from those of you knowledgeable on the different options and issues and greatly appreciate everyone’s input.  

if I can provide any further information that would better describe the situation please feel free to ask!

Is it appropriate to ask here where or who to talk to about some of the above options?

If not, I withdraw the question 😄 but would welcome private messages. 

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    Hi Gary, there are others smarter than me on this, but I've been flying rotax engines for 14 years, so here goes:  I don't believe it's possible to convert an 80 hp UL to a 100 hp ULS engine.  However, the 80hp UL can be converted to a 115 hp 914.

    However, another option might be to get a big bore kit for the 80hp UL you have, to get it close to 95-100hp.  I'm not sure where you live, but if it's near a certified Rotax center, like in Florida, Mississippi or Wisconsin, it would clearly be worth it to cart your engine over to them and not only have them go through the engine, but also ensure all SBs are in place - for example, does it have the newer fuel pump and newer ignition boxes.

    I'm sure others will give you better advice than I though.


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    4152270 is almost 30 years old. All gaskets and o'rings are probably VERY dry and will probably leaks when it runs.

    a complete dismantling would be recommended and reassemble with new gasket/rings and it would the time to do  all the SB related to this serail #  .

    a quick search ''by serial number'' on this site brought that


    not sure the link will work though     

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    Thank you so much for your thoughts and  am looking for everyone’s opinion and exactly individuals such as yourself that have a few years behind the engine. 

    I may not have been clear in what I was saying but yes, my reference to increasing to 100 HP was referring to the larger bore conversion. I understand that wouldn’t make it a ULS but it would approach at least the 100 HP aspect. 

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, and taking the time to write them down! 


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    Thank you Jacques, 

    Yes it is old indeed and I realize there will be many things needing replaced. I agree that would be the time to comply with SB issues.  Thank you for your thoughts. 


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    4152270 was produced 14-Apr-1993

    ROTAX 912 UL

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