Having trouble with gauge readings with my 914 on a Searey. Replacing the analog gauges with a Dynon D180 unit. I’ve got manifold pressure(which is an external sensor). I don’t have a reading for tachometer, oil pressure, or oil temp. I installed a new oil pressure sensor still no luck. I’m thinking it’s a ground issue as these sensors rely on grounding through the engine case. I’ve removed and cleaned engine ground with no change. 

Any help is appreciated. 


  • Re: 914 Gauge Reading Issues

    by » 12 months ago

    The fact that you have a number of non-working inputs suggests that you might have:

    1. A fault inside the Dynon.

    2. The sensors are connected to the wrong pins of the connector. Have you confirmed that you have correctly identified pin 1 of the conenctor? Given that they are D-type connectors it is very easy to mirror the connections.

    If your analogue gauges worked that means that the sensors were working correctly. The fact that the tacho isn't working is odd since since it doesn't rely on the aircraft ground. If you measure resistance across the the tacho pair of terminals in the plug that goes into the Dynon you should get a stable value of about 220 ohms (120 ohms if an older type). If you have this then it is unlikely that you have a sensor or a wiring fault.

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