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    I have checked my notes on this matter - it turns out I have slightly understated the fuel return line flow rate, it is actually 7.6L/hr (Hobbs).



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    "Rotax 912 low fuel pressure at takeoff

    Check out this conversation - has very close parallels with this one. Roger L's solution would seem to be a pump with a greater flow rate.

    Worth considering?

    From my perspective;

    Maintaining the existing 7.6L/hr return line flow rate would purge vapour/hot fuel more rapidly than a 2-3 L/hr flow rate.

    If a higher rated boost pump will just slot into existing (unknown, at this stage, performance) fittings/location might be worth considering.

    A replacement boost pump will cost a lot more than a restrictor jet.


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    Look at this website from facet.



    You can buy a cylindrical or cube fuel pump which most people use. You shouldn't have any issue finding what you need. What's funny is the Facet pump line is what a huge majority use, but on their website it says not for aircraft because it hasn't been tested. Oh well.

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