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    Paul Bertorelli has written a nice synopsis of / editorial on that report here:



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    Tyler Hathaway wrote:

    I also take issue with much of what he says about "mogas".  It is still perfectly feasible, both economically and otherwise, for refiners to NOT blend ethanol with their "intermediate stock" premium product, which typically is then sold as 91AKI E0.  This is available at many filling stations in my area (upper Hudson valley).

    He also mentions AirNav as his main source for airports where "mogas" is sold.  I have found AirNav to be completely unreliable in this regard.  Much better is http://flyunleaded.com/airports.html

    California mandates oxigenated gasoline and most companies will use ethanol as the cheapest solution. So it is hard to find E0 in California.

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    Just so many of you know that fuel refineries ship fuel to the tank farms with no ethanol. When a truck loads up for a delivery the ethanol is added there. I have two friends that deliver fuel and when they load up their truck thats when ethanol is added. Some places have 10% and some 15% ethanol. If you test every batch you will most likely find that when it says up to 10% at the pump it really isn't 10%. I have a few at my airfield that test every single batch for the last 14 years. We supposedly have 10% here. All batches have tested at 6-7% with only a couple that actually hit 8%. If your pumps say "Up To" 15% it probably isn't really 15%. There are engines out there that have to have non ethanol fuel and the marine industry so fuel don't get ethanol until they leave the tank farm in your area and the supplier knows what type of fuel to bring the end user.

    There are myths about ethanol fuels that still make their rounds.

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