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    Ofer Gideoni wrote:

    I have just installed the latest G3 version and hope it will solve this issue. But, if I understand your desciption correctly, I have a differant problem. The ECU operating hours counter shows a higher number of hours than the EFIS conter.

    Can you explane it?

    Now that the Hobbs timer has been corrected in the MGL EFIS (You're Welcome!) It will operate as advertised.

    The Hobbs Hours are engine Running hours.
    The ECU Hours are LANE Hours, irrespective of the engine.

    Whenever the Lanes are ON and you are fiddling with the avionics in the hanger, the ECU clock is running.
    I accidentally left my master and Lanes ON for a weekend.
    My ECU Clock is now 65 hours ahead of the Hobbs.
    It will not be unexpected for the ECU Clock to be ahead of the Hobbs by a few hours.
    You energize the Lanes a minute or more before starting the engine as a matter of course in running checklists.
    All those minutes soon add up.
    Running the BUDS Software will add a bunch of more minutes to the difference.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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