I recently identified heat damage on my original connector on the Lane B regulator/rectifier.  Two wires and associated pins were burned and heat damaged (connectors 1 and 2).  

Rotax has issued a Service Instruction for replacing this connector (Connector set stator Lane B) with an Amphenol connector that is more robust. (SI-912 i-024).

This connector is almost $500 retail when tax and shipping are included.

I couldn't identify the specific commercial Amphenol model to price compare.  

I did find a Tyco connector that seems to have the necessary qualifications.

Since I own an ELSA I installed one on my electrical system.  The price was around $130 for all the components.

Here is a list of part numbers:

213905-1 Plug shell

213890-2 Receptacle shell

213845-3 Pin (3 required)

213847-3 Socket (3 required)

213902-3 Cable Clamp (2 required)

213899-1 Seals (2 required)


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