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I need to replace the EGT Sensor #2.  It appears the section of the fuel rail will prevent the easy removal of this EGT sensor.  Question:  Has anyone replaced EGT 2?  Is it simple to remove the crossover section of the fuel rail to remove EGT2?  

Any assistance is appreciated.


Rich Pezzullo

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    by » 12 months ago

    I just changed EGT 3 sensor.  Looking at my engine in my RV-12iS, all the EGT sensors are easy to get to.  I've attached a photo showing sensors for cylinders 2 and 4.  EGT 2 sensor is forward.  Is your configuration different?

    32412_2_IMG_20211026_115401.jpg (You do not have access to download this file.)

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    by » 12 months ago

    Thanks for the info and photo.   I successfully replaced EGT sensor #2 without issue.  FYI, this is the second sensor I replaced in the first 70 hours of operation.

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    by » 10 months ago

    Sensor removal is difficult on my 2020 vintage 912is.  Very difficult to remove the electrical plug for #1 and 2 without removing the fuel rail crossover or bending the plug mount and hoping not to break the connector or stressing the rather snug lead.  With the factory installed exhaust, #3 can't be removed without removing the exhaust pipe as the engine mounting ring prevents withdrawing the sensor.  The sensor and plug is easy for #4 though... Some minor factory design changes would certainly be appreciated when it comes to maintenance.

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