I’m hoping someone has experienced the same issue and identified the problem area…. I’ve successfully used my Level 2 BUDS dongle several times over the past two years on my RV-12iS.   When trying to download a friend’s ECU logs from his 12iS, the software would not recognize the ECU.  The software finds the dongle just fine and opens the program, but it can’t see the ECU - no engine serial number, no Lane indicators, nothing, just an engine screen with no data.  I always connect the dongle to an unpowered ECU after starting the program.  The RV-12iS has the A & B CAN buses tied together internally, so a single data port.  Here are all the things I’ve tried in an attempt to identify the problem.  

Tried to connect to the ECU in my plane - same results, couldn’t see my ECU either 

Tried a different interface cable, no change

Tried another computer, no change 

Verified there was voltage at the end of the interface cables

Tried BUDS v3.0 and v4.0, no difference 

Sent the dongle to Lockwood and it worked just fine for them on both a Windows 10 and 11 computer.  Both their and my pc are up-to-date on patches, I’m running Windows 10.

The last thing I’m going to try is connecting to another friend’s RV-12iS, whose was the last one to which I successfully connected back last September.  No sure how long before I’ll be able to do so, and not sure what to do next regardless if it connects or not.

I’m at the end of my substitutional troubleshooting options.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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