Bought 915IS 3 A   about a year ago to hang on a KitFox. My understanding at the time of purchase was: If you buy the A model you can put on a constant speed prop, or you can block off the oil supply if you want to put on a ground adjustable prop. What is the procedure to block the oil from entering the prop hub ??? Any thoughts and or part numbers, etc.  would be greatly appreciated. I want to start with a ground adjustable prop and then change over to a constant speed prop at a later date.


TJ Beatty

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    by » one month ago

    hi TJ

    OK you got some bad information.  The 915iS is the engine type.  The 3 is the prop configuration is for hydraulic constant speed.  A is the standard version of release.  There is a B version for drone operation only and restricted.  Contact Kiffox for information as to if they have any way you can run this without a constant speed.  Rotax does not have any way except to change the parts to the oil feed on the back of the gearbox.


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