RS Flight Systems' stock box now has a key switch option. From an email I received:

"We offer a Starter Switch, which is connected to the LANE A, LANE B, Main Fuel Pump, Aux Fuel Pump and the Starter. We have developed this switch together with BRP Rotax in order to have the best solution for starting the 915iS."


Anyone have any thoughts on this new starter switch, and the problem it will solve?



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    by » 4 years ago

    Do you have a link to the switch?

    2 Lane, 2 Fuel Pumps, Start Power and START will require an 18 position switch to yield all of the optional combinations.

    I can't imagine a key switch performing these functions without eliminating almost all the options.

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    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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    by » 4 years ago

    The image and the description are all I have.  I received it in an email from Flight Systems. 

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    by » 4 months ago

    Well, I purchased a unit from RS Flight Systems after reading the basic installation manual and function. It’s a great-looking unit and solid!

    The main problem I have is attempting to dismantle the keylock from the locking ring to insert the switch into my panel. Alas, No instructions with the switch.

    Additionally, there is a large red button with LOCK written on the extended neck of the switch, however, this has no explanation in the installation manual as to what this does. (I suspect this will release the components to install in the Instrument Panel). Again no instructions were provided with the switch.

    The switch in $AUD is not cheap so we are proceeding with caution.

    We are also trying to figure out if the EMU SCU position will allow a power-up of the Garmin GTX touch 470 display as well (Checklists etc).

    So, we have a few dozen questions at this time.


    Has anyone actually installed one of these yet? I would really like some direction on this if you have any, please.

    And yes, I emailed RS Flight Systems several days ago and awaiting a reply!



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    by » 4 months ago

    Following on from my last post.

    RS Flight Systems called me and we talked through the ROTAX 9iS Switch in my build. They were most helpful.

    I am using Garmin G3X touch so no need for the EMU and I am not using an SCU. This is fine as that relay will power up my primary PFD and VHf 1 (Checklist and ATIS). The rest is as per the manual. Saving heaps of Toggle Switches and thus space.

    Safe Flying

    35257_2_RS FLIGHT ROTAX SWITCH.pdf (You do not have access to download this file.)

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    by » 4 months ago

    Its clever, and I want to like this switch, but I’m not sold. I do like it more if the SCU is used.  The way I read it, without the SCU you will still need a separate start power switch since the SCU is what turns off the start power relay once Generator A assumes engine functions.  You will also need a separate battery backup switch as well as an aux fuel pump switch.  So without the SCU, the Start Key Switch only replaces the Lane A, Lane B, main fuel pump, and start switches. So yes, one device replaces four, but you give something up also.  

    It appears that when switching to Lane B only (lane test) the aux fuel pump is switched on and the main pump off so you are essentially testing the aux pump during the lane B test.  I’m not sure I like that. In my opinion, there is a simplicity and clarity to conducting the lane and fuel pump tests separately.  Sometimes I like to give the aux pump a longer test, and run it independently of the main pump for a longer duration, a function that is lost with this setup.  I also think there is a value to having independent mechanical switches for the lanes and fuel pumps, to me that completes the intended redundancy. Just my thoughts.  

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