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I'm working on installing my 915 onto my SlingTsi.  Is there a good resource for videos on installation of the 915 engine?  I see under the videos heading here a number of videos for 912/914 - but nothing for 915.  Searching around the Internet I'm not coming up with much either.

I've read through the installation manual and it seems pretty high level as far as the wiring goes... or maybe I'm just reading the wrong one (which is more likely).  Basically I'm just struggling to find some good content to follow for completing the install - most specifically the wiring beyond the ECU attachments.



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    by » 10 months ago

    Integrating a Rotax 915iS engine into an aircraft necessitates a substantial grasp of technical and design intricacies, particularly if the aircraft manufacturer hasn't already furnished a thoroughly tested installation kit or a Firewall Forward package. We're in the process of creating a comprehensive video that delves into understanding the 915iS engine, encompassing aspects such as fuel system design and testing, electrical power, and sensor integration. Our aim is to facilitate a clearer comprehension of these systems.

    It's crucial to note that the diverse nature of each aircraft implies that the video's focus will be primarily on the engine itself, rather than the specific airframe intricacies. In essence, we intend to shed light on what the engine necessitates to operate optimally and function effectively.

    In instances where additional guidance is required on a specific aircraft, it's worth considering Sling's builder assist program. We highly recommend exploring this option for further support and expertise.



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    by » 10 months ago

    I think there is some room for some generalities that would apply to a wide range of airplanes.  For instance, plugging in the ECU, & Fuse box.  The fuel line plumbing (goes into/goes out of) and how it works in-line with the fuel pump.  Just some of the basics of what gets plugged into there.

    A nice tip on when you remove the cap on the oil attachment at the bottom of the engine for the first time post-shipment to have a bucket handy for the oil left in during the shipment... that would have been super handy to know BEFORE I removed it and spilled oil all over the floor while I was running around trying to find something to catch it... 

    There are many tips I can see (and am going to document in my videos when I get to it) that can be done that are completely airplane agnostic.


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