May 1, 2024

Advanced Powerplant Solutions, LLC Acquires Leading Edge Air Foils; Named New ROTAX independent Service Centre for Central USA

Delavan, WI — Advanced Powerplant Solutions, LLC (APS), under the new ownership of Jeremy and Daniela Knoll of AeroSport fame, is proud to announce its acquisition of Leading Edge Air Foils, LLC (LEAF). Effective immediately, APS will serve as the ROTAX independent Service Centre for the Central United States, continuing and expanding the esteemed services previously offered by LEAF.

Located at the scenic Lake Lawn Airport (C59) in Delavan, Wisconsin, opposite the beautiful Lake Lawn Resort, APS is strategically positioned to support the Rotax powered aircraft community with unmatched expertise and enthusiasm. The acquisition by Jeremy and Daniela Knoll, who have been key players in the light sport industry through AeroSport since 2012, marks a significant step in their commitment to enhancing aircraft sales, maintenance, and flight training.

Under the leadership of CEO Jeremy Knoll, COO Daniela Knoll, and newly appointed Technical Director Brett Lawton, APS is dedicated to maintaining the legacy of LEAF while integrating innovative solutions and expanded service offerings. Customers can look forward to a comprehensive range of ROTAX engines, parts, technical support, repair, and maintenance services.

Furthermore, APS plans to launch ROTAX technician training courses, providing invaluable educational opportunities to industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

"We are excited to build on the foundation that LEAF established and propel the business into a new era with Advanced Powerplant Solutions," said Jeremy Knoll. "Our goal is to be the central hub for ROTAX services in the USA, ensuring reliability, expertise, and the highest standards of customer service."

For more information about Advanced Powerplant Solutions and its services, please contact:

Advanced Powerplant Solutions 
(800) 532-3462 

About APS
Advanced Powerplant Solutions, LLC (APS), located in Delavan, Wisconsin, is the Central USA ROTAX independent Service Centre. Owned by light sport industry veterans Jeremy and Daniela Knoll of AeroSport, APS specializes in ROTAX engines, parts, technical support, and maintenance. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, APS aims to provide top-tier maintenance solutions and training for ROTAX powered aircraft enthusiasts.
Contact: Name: Jeremy Knoll/Daniela Knoll Title: CEO/COO Phone: (800)  532-3462 Email: info@advancedpowerplant.com Website: www.advancedpowerplant.com

Advanced Powerplant Solutions 
Lake Lawn Airport (C59) 
2375 E Geneva Street
Delavan, WI 53115
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