How does your magnetic plugs look like?
I just made a check at my plug (912s)and i got a bit scared when i looked at the Rotax bulletins.
The accaptable picture looks more klean than mine...
The none acceptable pictures looks worse then my plug did, but i still feel a bit confused.
The engine has ran totaly 110 h
The oil in use is advanced ultra 4

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    by » 12 years ago

    Did you wash the plug gently with gasoline? You can't really tell what's on the plug until you get the oil off. Just gently move the plug around in a cup of gasoline or other solvent. Do not wipe the plug.

    Once the oil is off, the plug looks much better and gives you accurate idea of how much metal is on the magnet.


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    For clear understanding of the proper mag plug inspection procedures, see ROTAX-Owner video:

    If the link doesn't work just go to the video section of the web site and scroll down to the video on "Magnetic Plug Removal & Inspection". You must be a paid subscriber to watch it which is worth every penny for the wealth of information the videos provide! :)

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