• Re: Vertical Power PPS system With Rotax

    by » 11 months ago

    Did anyine ever get teh PPS installed, anyine have a definitive answer or a wiring diagram?




  • Re: Vertical Power PPS system With Rotax

    by » 4 months ago

    This post was never concluded, the OP didn't let us know how he got on. I am installing a PPS right now and will feed back how it went. Once question I am puzzled with right now is wiring the soft start.   The VPX-PPS combo doesn't need the Master or Starter contractor. Some posts above were showing VPX diagrams only.

    Problem is that the starter switch only grounds to the PPS, the PPS internal contractor then supplies the high current to the starter motor. So without the Rotax starter contractor there is no need for the starter button to send 12v to the coil side of the Rotax contractor to start open the circuit. Remember this coli voltage is piggybacked onto the Soft Start Module. When the module sees the voltage form the starter switch it engages its function and ceases a few seconds after rte starter button is released.  

    So I need a current to be supplied form somewhere at the same time as the PPS fires the starter motor.  One potential is a PPS pin that sends a 12v signal to the EFIS or an LED o display a starter engaged warning. However I am not sure if that would have the required current to drive the Soft Start module.  Anyone know the current required to kick in the Soft start module?

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