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Updated: New Coolant Radiator for Rotax 912i, 912, and 914 series

A new radiator was introduced for the 912i, 912, and 914 series engines. This new radiator (part number 997083) replaces both the standard and the HD radiators (part numbers 995698 and 997082 respectively).

The outline dimension, inlet and outlet flanges and the fixation points of this new radiator are identical with the previous radiators, making it an exact replacement for most applications.

New 997 083 radiator

Above: the new 997083 radiator (high resolution image available here)


Above: the previous 995698 standard radiator (high resolution image available here)


Above: the previous  997082 HD radiator (high resolution image available here)


The side water jackets have been optimized, changing their shape. In some applications, a rectangular fixation is desirable, and for that purpose a radiator retrofit kit (part number 881535) has been created. This kit consists of two rectangular side covers which can be affixed to the 997083 radiator with rivets (the rivets are included in the kit). With the addition of this radiator side cover kit the outer dimensions of the new radiator can very nearly duplicate the dimensions of the older styles being replaced for those applications which might require such.


Above: the new 881535 radiator retrofit kit (high resolution image available here)
** Radiator shown for illustration purposes only, it is not included in the retrofit kit.


In addition to the reshaped side water jackets, another slight dimensional change is the mesh size (fins and grill).

The previous grill opening was 132 x 339 mm (0.44748 sq. m.)

The new grill opening is 138 x 330 mm (0.45540 sq. m.)

Notwithstanding these minor changes, the new 997083 radiator will replace both the previous standard and HD radiators. The coolant capacity of the new 997083 radiator has the same coolant capacity as the previous 997082 "HD" radiator, which means that replacing a "standard" 995698 radiator will result in slightly lower coolant temperatures than those seen previously. This difference would not be more than a few degrees and mostly within the measurement tolerances of the instruments.


The weight of the new 997083 radiator will be 973 grams (1051 grams if equipped with the optional 881530 retrofit kit).

For comparison, the weight of the previous 997082 radiator was 1002 grams.


Aircraft manufacturers, OEMs, and home builders should note that while the new 997083 radiator itself has a length of 415 millimeters (the same as the previous radiators) - the overall length of the new 997083 radiator combined with the 881535 retrofit kit will be three millimeters longer at 418 millimeters. And while the overall mounting post height dimension of the new radiator is identical to the previous radiators at 168 millimeters, the new radiator does have slightly taller water jacket flanges (5.5 millimeters taller than the previous radiators). While the possibility is very unlikely, potential clearance issues caused by these slight variances should still be considered. 


The new radiator (part number 997083) has been available since 2014 and the radiator retrofit kit (part number 881535) is available now.

Installation procedure for the retrofit kit is detailed in service instruction SI-912-023/SI-912 i-007/SI-914-024 (available here).


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