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FLIGHT SCHOOLS: engine trade-in offer extended until 31st August 2017

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Exclusively for flight schools : Trade-in your old aircraft engine and get predictable operational costs with R.E.S.T. (Rotax Extended Service Terms) for free.

This special offer includes 5 years total extended warranty or up to TBO
+ € 2.000,- core credit

Ask your Rotax authorized local distributor for more details



In order to participate, the following conditions apply:

Conditions for and of the existing (old), used aircraft engine

  • The engine must be a ROTAX or other dedicated aircraft engine, 4 stroke and with certification (ASTM or higher)
  • The engine must be a flight school engine
  • The engine must be installed and able to operate without limitations
  • The engine must not be older than 10 years
  • The engine must have been airborne 50 hours minimum within the last six months
  • The engine must be returned to the ROTAX Distributor


Conditions for new ROTAX aircraft engine

  • For use in a flight school aircraft only
  • Installation must be performed by maintenance authorized companies and their ROTAX aircraft engine staff trained according to iRMT program.



BRP has committed itself to highest customer satisfaction by offering outstanding service
and support. The R.E.S.T program gives the customer peace-of-mind and ensures that the engine
is serviced by professional and trained Rotax service partners using only genuine Rotax parts. 




if you haven't already done so, you should add your school to the FLIGHT SCHOOL LOCATOR, our global directory of flight schools.

For complete details, CLICK HERE.


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