Unsecure connection

Category: The Suggestion Box 4 years ago
Hi, I am using Firefox web browser and they have introduced a new feature, a warning when connecting to a unsecure web site. Rotax-Owner.com has an expired certificate so i am not able to connect to your web site whitout making an exeption from safety rules.
Could you please fix a secure certificate?
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    by » 4 years ago

    Hi Paul! We actually recommend that you do not use the Firefox browser... the Chrome browser is highly preferred for our site. And as all of our actual financial transactions occur offsite on a secure server, we do not have any plans to buy an SSL certificate for the main site, at least not until the next big platform upgrade (probably next spring). We do not store any financial information on our own servers. And there is 100% no actual 'security risk' involved with logging in to Rotax-Owner.com from a normal http:// connection...

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