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I have an older, low(ish) time 582 which runs perfectly when it starts.  Over the last year or so, its been getting harder to start as the starter has been getting weaker and weaker.  It just simply won't spin the engine fast enough.  Normally a boost would fix the issue, and once the engine is running it runs perfectly.  This winter, after some testing, I decided to replace the starter on my Kitfox 2 (huge deal to get at the starter on the kitfox).  The starter was drawing 150 plus amps and spinning really slow and slugish.

Fast forward to my new starter installed, and the new starter is drawing even more amps (250 plus) and is actually spining SLOWER than my old, worn out starter.  I assumed something was wrong with the new starter, so I returned it and got another.  Same thing, perhaps marginally better than the first new starter.

I'm at my wits end here.  I have eliminated every single wiring possibility I can think of.  Grounding, solenoid, testing with another battery and hooking booster cables up direct to the starter, everything I can possibly think of.  I have had several bright people I know look at it, and we are all stumped.

I have found on earlier posts in this form that people have had brush lead twisting failures with their starters, and I haven't checked that yet, but giving I've tried two BRAND NEW starters, I just assumed that couldn't be an issue.

If anyone has any ideas, I would be very greatful.

Thanks very much.

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    Update to this topic.

    I got another starter from another manufacture off Amazon.  Works perfectly.

    Seems to be that I just had 2 dud starters in a row.  Hard to believe.

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       Check your battery voltage both with the engine off and with it running.  I had repeated "starter failures" and a starter repair shop tech finally put me on to the battery voltage as the cause.  It took a while, and many starter brush replacements, before I finally traced it to a bad voltage regulator, which was not recharging the battery!  The low voltage with the same load draws more current, and the starter brush leads become the fuses.  
    With a new v/r, I have no more starter issues.


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