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    I do have the 6 pin connector. And, I have gotten clarification from Dean himself on the procedure I listed…

    The choke test tells us that the problem is more likely to be ignition.

    For the pin/plug swaps, if the issue swaps sides, the problem is downstream of the connector. If the problem stays on the same side, the problem is upstream of the connector.

    My first swap indicated a downstream issue (toward the modules). My second swap indicated a problem downstream of the modules (toward the coils, wires, plug caps and plugs). My other tests with the P-lead, charging coil, and trigger coil – while good exercises — were extraneous.

    Further study of the Rotax ignition diagram shows that because my issue happened on when grounding the “B” module, my issue is likely on the “A” side, which drives #1 and #2 top plugs and #3 and #4 bottom plugs. So, look there.

    Looking close at the plug caps, I found one plug wire loose in the #1 top plug cap. It pulled out in my hand and the cap pin came out with the wire (photo)! That appears to have fixed my issue on that side. Now, the other “mag” is giving me trouble. Doh!

    This has been a nice lesson for me in understand the 912 ignition system.


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