Recently I started seeing green coming from somewhere and the only place that there is green is the valve covers on my 912is. I thought these valve covers were powder coated so should be not subject to destruction by these fluids. So to figure out what is going on my first question is what fluid can start removing the valve cover paint.  There is only normal oil, coolant, ATF, 100LL that is possible.

Could the valve cover paint be defective? 

This will help me start tracking this down where some liquid is coming from.  The only thoughts I have is 1 something is leaking OR 2 oil is coming out of the overflow tube and swirling in the engine compartment.

Knowing what dissolves the green paint would help.

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    by » 6 weeks ago

    Hi Saul

    Generally none of the operational fluids will be an issue.  The only fluid I am aware of that attacks paint is brake fluid, it will do exactly what you say is happening.  Check for leaks in a fitting or line if you have any brake fluid leaks. Consider that the plastic covers for the injector (it dresses up the stainless fire protector under it) is also green.  I have not seen these flake any paint as yet but it may be possible. 


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    by » 6 weeks ago

    Thank you for your response.  I actually figured it out.  I found a fuel leak dripping on the one valve cover. The fuel was blowing around and evaporated leaving the dye behind.  The valve cover has some streaking on it and I am not sure I can clean it up.  I feel like an idiot not suspecting a fuel leak.  Now to redo the fitting.

    Thanks for responding.

    Best regards.

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