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    Yes porterjames that is pretty sad. Lack of support of a needed service.

    As much as it might surprise some, there is a whole industry out here that needs that engine running to survive and promote flying to the general public. Have a GA guy from out of town trying to finish training in a limited amount of time, thrilled about this new modern LSA and rotax, until we are shut down because no guidance on figuring out error codes to the dongle download. Now he is bad mouthing the rotax new engine and LSA in general as he looses a day of good flying and his valuable time.

    Remarkably, Bryan Topher from California Power happened to be in his office, went out of his way to brilliantly assess the problem and find a solution from the downloaded dongle data. Great thanks to Bryan for being able to help. At least with the carb 912, mechanics have guidance in the rotax manuals to assess and fix the problem. Still can not understand why rotax is ignoring this. Rotax, please put this together. It is greatly needed.

    I get asked all the time about if I would recommend the fuel injected option and it is not doing very well overall in my recommendations simply because of this maintenance issue. Take note 915iS potential customers. I would expect the same problem.

    Point is - that rotax must immediately provide guidance/support for the dongle download data if it wants this fuel injection engine to be successful.

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    I think that everyone who is anxious about this needs to do a better job of managing their expectations! :)

    The primary function of the EMU (Engine Management Unit) is to manage the engine.

    While it's certainly useful that the EMU can also log error codes and operating data, the complexity of the interaction of all of the various parameters makes it a very tall order to produce a universal "color-by-numbers" diagnostic guide suitable for field technicians without specific factory training.

    And I expect that there could be considerable liability issues involved in providing "Magical A.I. Diagnostics®" to unqualified end-users! Does your modern high tech automobile come bundled with such an app?

    I agree that there is probably some work-in-progress development going on in this area, but it looks to me like a "dongle code book" is not actually being advertised as a feature of the engine at this time...


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    bluepipe, be happy to lower my expectations and get some sort of help.
    How about no Magical AI Diagnostics and a simple list of the Column titles meaning (FC_Type, FC_Test, FC_Error, and Fault Reading) and what the individual messages mean.

    No diagnostics and combination. Simple list. Would be nice to know what specific warnings, failures, and errors would cause the lane lightsd to come on.

    Talking with Bryan, as we were going down the list initially I was reading down and his response was, "that one is OK, no problem with that one, that one is important, better e mail it to me so I can look at it".

    Just a simple list of the items someone spent allot of time generating and what they individually mean and if they are important. How is that for lower expectations.

    Anything would be helpful.

    Do you have the ability to influence/participate in this? Feel free to call me 775 772 8232 www.SportAviationCenter.com

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    if you right click on the fault and go to show error fault details it will tell you some more info about the fault and what it might be. Its not a helluva lot of info but its more than looking at the fault and scratching your head. Unfortunately if you don't got to RFSC diagnostics training you really don't have much of an insight. I attached two examples
    Capture.JPG (You do not have access to download this file.)
    Capture2.JPG (You do not have access to download this file.)

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    This engine is a disaster. It’s electronic brain means it cannot be fixed by mere mortals. The ECU is unsupported since Rockwell Collins no longer make it. There is nothing field repairable all that can be done is to replace the ECU for mega dollars. The “dongle” is a $1000 toy without error codes and a fault isolation and repair manual. I wish I had never heard of this engine. When something electrical fails we are forced to rely on swapping parts to try and work out the failure by brute force cause elimination.

    Old engines needed a multimeter and not much else to fix.

    The engine wiring alone has taken me months to install. It has multiple failure points unlike magneto ignition. In place of a simple key switch and an electric auxiliary pump switch, it requires seven toggle switches to control it (start power, start, battery backup, lanes A,B, pumps one and two). It is thus complex and inherently unreliable, not field fixable if fixable at all and expensive to boot. I’m stuck with mine and when it fails I will sell the aeroplane rather than try and go through the sort of problem solving you read about here.

    The 915 is going to be even worse.

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